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Using our localized UV index, you will be able to measure accurately the UV index anywhere you are.
This application uses the best weather data to provide you with the accurate UV index of the location you are at.
The application computes scientifically the UV index to provide you with the most possibly accurate measure.
Based on the Fitzpatrick's scale, you can choose your skin type. You will then get personnalized values on how much your maximal sun exposure before getting a sunburn. The application provides you advices based on the UV index - don't forget to wear sunscreen, a hat and a shirt to avoid any sunburn or worse.

Enjoy your UV index application and measure the sun strength everywhere.

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Best Features

Fitzpatrick’s scale

Our calculations are scientifically based on this famous scale.

Skin types

Choose your skin darkness to get personalised data.


Get the UV Index wherever you are.

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Sun exposure

Don’t get a sunburn! The app tells you how long you can stay at the sun.

Accurate data

Our app uses the best and most accurate data to provide you the best UV Index.

Simple and beautiful

Animated sun, colourful scale, a pleasure for the eyes.


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